Blue Skies of Oceanside and Blue Skies of San Marcos are owned and operated by Lauren and Leo Delancey. The San Marcos property was purchased in 2005 and a facility license was granted in January 2006. The Oceanside location was added in 2008 to expand our opportunities to offer quality care to seniors.

Lauren's experience in the field predates that, though. Serving as a caregiver and administrator for several RCFE's, Lauren's compassion for the elderly blossomed and her dream of owning her own facility was born. Her compassion remains today at the core of our company philosophy of providing the best care possible in a friendly, cheerful environment.

Our direct involvement with everything from training our staff to developing and maintaining personal relationships with our residents and their families, is truly what makes Blue Skies Homes different from the rest. Our mission is to provide the best experience for our residents, make them happy and keep them safe.

Our people are the best!

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Blue Skies of San Marcos

1119 Via Vera Cruz

Blue Skies of Oceanside

322 Keyport St